Aluminum Plywood Walkboards

Aluminum plywood walkboards are safe, light weight and simple to use. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, our walkboards feature a 1/2 inch thick plywood top and aluminum frame.

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  • 75 PSF – Meets standard walkboard capacity requirements.
  • Aluminum Frame – Built from aluminum. Lightweight and strong.
  • Hold down wind clips – keep the walkboard in place
  • 19”x7’ Size – The most popular size in the industry for maximum compatibility.


  • 19”W x 5’ L” (75PSF) WBP(¹)19X5
  • 19”W x 7’ L” (75PSF) WBP(¹)19X7 33 lbs
  • 19”W x 10’ L” (50PSF) WBP(¹)19X10 40 lbs
  • 19”W x 10’ L” (75PSF) WBP(¹)D19X10 46 lbs
  • 22”W x 7’ L”(75PSF) WBP(¹)22X7 36 lbs
  • 22”W x 10’ L” (50PSF) WBP(¹)22X10 45 lbs
  • 24”W x 7’ L” (75PSF) WBP(¹)24X7 38 lbs
  • 24”W x 10’ L” (50PSF) WBP(¹)24X10 51 lbs
  • 28”W x 7’ L” (75PSF) WBP(¹)28X7 40 lbs
  • 28”W x 10’ L” (50PSF) WBP(¹)28X10 55 lbs
  • 32”W x 7’ L” (50PSF) WBP(¹)32X7 48 lbs


28”W X 7’L (75PSF) WBP(¹) L28X7HL 76 lbs

28”W x 10’L (50PSF) WBP(¹) L28X10HL 86 lbs

5 Year warranty against manufacturing defects. (Subject to discretion of the manufacturer.)
Meets or exceeds all OSHA & ANSI specifications.

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