For the last decade, fall protection has been one of the leading OSHA violations.  In this article, we are going to talk about one of those violations, incorrect ladder usage, along with standards a company can put in place to give their employees as an alternative to choosing ladders. Finally, we will highlight the features of the Power Snappy, one of the best alternatives to ladders on the market today (watch our Power Snappy video).



For those of us who are in the trades industry, you know that ladders are a big part of the job. However, ladders are also becoming one of the more dangerous tools used on-site. Here are a few facts to highlight both the increased usage and the dangers of ladders.

  • Ladder usage has gone up 50% since 2010 (OSHA)
  • 34% of all construction deaths were due to ladders in 2010 (OSHA).
  • Ladders account for nearly 500,000 injuries annually (OSHA).

With the combination of increased use and danger the Ladders Last movement, an initiative for personal safety, has begun to sweep over the construction and trades industries. This movement aims to educate companies on alternative options to ladders and reduce/remove their on-site use all together. Here is a few keys, we developed, to help create a ‘ladders last’ policy in your company:

  1. INCREASE AWARENESS: Start by posting facts and information about the dangers of ladders to heighten awareness and break habitual use.
  2. IDENTIFY ALTERNATIVES: Have available an alternative lift, like the Power Snappy, that is more efficient and capable to tackle the job at hand.
  3. INSTITUTE APPROVALS: For job sites where ladders must be used, put in place a sign-off sheet with leadership as a back-up measure to safety and liability.

To help companies and their employees bridge the gap between job safety and creating alternatives to ladders, Granite Industries introduced the Power Snappy. Driven by feedback and input from consumers like you, our engineers created the motorized scaffold platform that protects against falls and injuries with its enclosed guard rail. It has been designed to do a variety of jobs safely with its flexible height between 24” – 108” inches. It remains sleek enough to fit into tight spaces and still extremely mobile with its 360 degrees turning radius. Made in the USA, Power Snappy is an alternative you’ll want to review (watch our video).

Granite sales rep, Gregg Swinford, summarizes it this way:
“Many GC’s and their subcontractors are looking for safer, lighter weight option for accessing at height on their jobsites. The Power Snappy is the perfect solution because it reduces fatigue and improves productivity. The workers ability to stay on the platform and drive to the desired work spot eliminates added climbing and risk for injury. Offering a capacity of 500 pounds the ‘Model M’ only weighs 300 pounds fully assembled and can be disassembled and loaded into the bed of a pickup truck with ease. With all it’s safety features and benefits the Power Snappy usage on jobsites continues to grow, we are shipping as fast as we can manufacture and it doesn’t look like this trend will be slowing anytime soon.”

Takes up about as much space as an 8 foot ladder.

The Power Snappy has rapidly become one of the best selling items in the industry and is at the top of the list for consumer reviews. In an age where ladders are becoming outdated and many lifts are often impractical, the Power Snappy fills the gap, replaces the ladder, and is a move in the right direction for ladders last.

For more on the Power Snappy visit us online or to speak to a Granite Industries representative (877-447-2648).

This article was written by our guest blogger, Barry Walton.

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