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Overland electric wheelbarrows have been developed and improved since their introduction in 2009.  Granite Industries started the Overland Carts brand out of a request for products with a higher capacity for moving large loads. Now in it’s third generation the carts have been well tested and are ready for commercial job site use.

Concrete Ready
Overland Carts work well in a variety of industries but especially the concrete industry.  Capable of moving 750 pounds at the turn of a wrist, these carts are ready for a full load.  We have tested these carts in the industry and been impressed with the results.  In testing, an Overland electric wheelbarrow with a seven cubic foot hopper full of 480 pounds of concrete had no trouble moving or dumping the load.  This cart is featured in the video below.

Concrete Specific Options
One of the keys to Overland’s success has been adapting to customers feedback.  While at a trade show, a contractor discussed a new feature that would allow for controlled pours.  We sent the idea to our engineer who developed an all electric power dump feature.  Available for all bucket sizes, this feature allows for precise pours.  A simple switch on the handles allows the cart to dump up to 750 lbs with ease.  The feature can be used while the cart is moving to allow for a controlled pour over a specific area.  Minimize raking as the concrete is poured exactly where you want it.

Jobsite ready 4WD
Overland offers a four wheel electric drive wheelbarrow for rougher terrain.  Using two independent drive systems, this cart is more stable on muddy or unlevel ground.  We have tested the cart carrying 500 lbs of salt up muddy hills and the cart barely breaks a sweat.

Clean up Concrete, Quickly
Overland searched for the best available bucket and ended up at the offices of Brentwood Industries.  The industry leader in commercial grade wheelbarrow hoppers, Brentwood buckets are more than up to the task.  Created from lightweight but durable UV test high-density polyethylene.   Clean up is done in seconds as the concrete melts away from the hopper.  Spend less time cleaning up and more time making money.

Take Concrete where it Needs to Go
Job sites don’t always allow for direct access for a cement mixer.  There might be a narrow gap between the wall and house, or a gate that cannot be maneuvered around.  The overland cart has a narrow 36″ width, capable of fitting through a standard doorway.  For an even smaller footprint, consider the 7 cubic foot electric wheelbarrow with single ag tires.  Just barely over 30″ wide, this cart still packs a punch as it can handle the full 750 lbs.

Built to Last
Overland electric wheelbarrows are designed in the USA, manufactured in the USA and assembled in the USA.  The entire process is handled in house at our Ohio Plant by local workers.  The frame is hand welded and powder coated using a world class powder coating machine.  The electric motor, drivetrain, and controls are all manufactured by companies in the USA.  We build this cart to last and to be your hardest worker.

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