Overland Electric Carts at the American Quarter Horse Congress


Overland Electric Carts will be on display at the 2014 All American Quarter Horse Congress.  These carts and wheelbarrows have been designed from the ground-up for maximum performance.  An all electric drive train provides smooth and consistent operation.  Easily haul up to 750 lbs for 8 hours a day.  Electric operation provides numerous advantages in the equine industry; minimal noise, zero emissions, and zero clean up.  Increase the efficiency and speed of feeding, bedding, and mucking with an Overland Cart!

Overland Electric Carts & Wheelbarrows

Overland Electric Cart – 10 cubic feet hopper

Quarter Horse Congress Show Details
Sponsor: All American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA)
Website:  www.oqha.com/aaqhc
Dates: October 7th – October 26th
Hours: 9:30 AM – 7:00 PM
Location: Ohio Expo Center – Columbus, OH
Booth Number: 807
Granite Representative:
Tom Short
Show Special: $100 off the purchase of an Overland Cart
Promo Code: CONGRESS100
Shop Online: Overland’s Online Store

All Electric Drive System
Overland designed their motorized carts around the electric drive system.  Built from top quality components, this system is ready for anything.  Electric motors have full power instantly, in fact, there is so much torque at launch that Overland developed a technology called Smooth-Start.  This technology gradually ramps up power to prevent a sudden jump. Overland electric carts use standard NiMH batteries to provide all-day power (8 hours).  Twist the throttle and haul up to 750 lbs with ease.  The robust drive train is even capable of taking 500 lbs up a 3:1 grade.

Overland Electric Carts & Wheelbarrows

Overland Electric Cart being used to clean horse stalls

Hand Assembled Chassis
Top grade steel goes into each hand crafted chassis.  Overland Electric wheelbarrows and carts all feature custom built chassis.  Engineered, manufactured and assembled in the Ohio plant by local workers, the chassis is designed without compromise.  Each chassis is then powder coated with our world class Wagner powder coating machine.  This keeps the motorized cart looking good for years after the initial purchase.

Brentwood Buckets
When putting together the final assembly Overland needed to source a bucket to fit on top of the chassis.  Brentwood was found to produce the best quality bucket on the market.  Manufactured in Pennsylvania, Brentwood has been an industry leader in the wheelbarrow market since 1965.  The buckets are made from UV test high-density polyethylene.  This polymer is 50% lighter than steel while providing improved rust resistance and longer expected life.  High quality stainless steel fasteners secure the bucket to the electric cart chassis.

Overland developed numerous technologies to ensure safe and dependable operation of the motorized carts.  Smooth-Start has already been mentioned as a method to improve starting and stopping.  Auto-Stop prevents the cart from rolling away, even on an incline or decline.  Once the throttle is no longer being applied, the wheels lock in place.  This is helpful when loading or unloading the cart on an incline.  Keeping a steady pace when climbing a hill or descending a hill can be difficult, which is why Overland introduced the HillSense feature.  This technology controls electric cart’s speed on hills to keep things stable and under control.  All Overland Carts have a overload trip breaker that protects the electric motor from damage.

Minimal maintenance keeps the electric wheelbarrows hauling loads and not in a shop.   There are no oil changes, air filters, or belts to swap out.  There aren’t any fluids to drip on the floor or keep track of.  Make sure the cart is plugged in each night and the battery management system will prevent the system from overcharging, ensuring a properly charged batter each morning.   Expect 7 hours from the battery on continuous use or 11 hours on start/stop use.

The Overland electric wheelbarrows and carts are extremely versatile.  The 750 lb payload provides near limitless opportunities to haul a wide variety of materials.  Specifically the equine industry.  Muck stalls without worrying about the weight.  Haul 10 cu. ft. of grain to reduce trips back to the stations.  The possibilities are endless!

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