Granite Industries Introduces First Ever Create Your Cart Contest!

Granite Industries has been a leader and innovator in material handling for the last two decades and our best ideas have come from our customers. For 2020 we are seeking your best ideas for a new cart to be released at the 2021 ARA Show in New Orleans. If your design is selected, we will work with you to bring your cart to life, send you three free carts and a $200 VISA Gift Card.  Go to the Create Your Cart Contest homepage.

How is this contest possible?

Granite Industries first began designing and manufacturing carts in 1997.   We realized there was a need in the rental marketplace for a heavy duty hand truck that could withstand daily abuse without breaking down.  This lead to the creation of the American Cart and Rack brand.  The primary focus of American Cart is straightforward; making massive and heavy duty hand trucks in the USA.  There are numerous advantages to manufacturing in the USA.  The first advantage is that we are able to control and monitor every step of the manufacturing process.  This means that we can perform quality checks and ensure that every product truly up to our standards.  The second advantage is that we can design almost anything and take it from design to prototype very quickly.  We have world class machines that give us a high level of precision and finish.  The third advantage is that we are able to include heavy duty components at the best possible price.  We have a deep stock of high quality American made metals that we can create from. This allows us to step up the quality of our components whenever necessary.  All of these advantages come together to benefit the customer.  We are a true manufacturer and are able to go from design, to raw materials, to finished product all under one roof.

Where did the contest idea come from?

From the very start of American Cart, we have received our best ideas from the rental industry Year after year we engineer, manufacture, and promote new carts that have come from customers who have worked closely with us.  These carts and racks always end up being our most popular and always do much better than carts that have been engineered on a white board without customer input.  We like to contrast the two types of development with the following terms: customer inspired designs vs whiteboard inspired designs.  We want more customer inspired ideas in 2020 and less whiteboard inspired ideas.  This is what led to the development of the Create Your Cart Contest.  We want to encourage even more input from our customers!

What do I need to do to participate?

Participation is completely free.  Just visit our Create Your Cart Contest homepage and fill out a form online or fill out the pdf form.  The last day to submit a form is July 31, 2020.  When it comes to the question of the attributes you would like the cart to have, we recommend reviewing our full line American Cart Catalog. The cart is full of features such as E-Ratchet Strap pockets, axles sizes, tires, casters and more.

What happens if I win?

If your design is selected, we will immediately reach out and begin working with you to bring your design to life.  We will develop CAD drawings and eventually a working prototype for you to review.  When it comes time for testing we will send you a final prototype for you to run through the ringer.  Upon final design approval we will begin production of the cart.  We will send you three free units along with a $200 VISA gift card.  We will be featuring your cart at the 2021 ARA Show in New Orleans!  Good luck!

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