We are absolutely thrilled to introduce the first video from our five part video series on Granite Industries!  This video highlights our history, focus and values.  It has been produced by a professional videographer, Barry Walton, who has many years of experience in the film industry and has an eye for manufacturing.  We worked closely with him to produce this video which we feel highlights the uniqueness of Granite Industries.

Granite Industries History: Expect More, Get More
Granite Industries was founded in 1997 by Steve Wyse.  The initial focus was on manufacturing products that were as impressive and as lasting as the granite stone.  Granite Industries opened its doors in Archbold, Ohio in the same manufacturing plant that Steve’s father had once owned.  Outdoor magnetic signs were the first product produced by Granite Industries.  The signs were popular in the rental industry and with local businesses.  Over time Granite expanded into scaffolding, staging, bleachers, and material handling.  Steve and Matt, his son, have an extensive experience with those product groups from their previous positions in manufacturing.  Unique to the scaffolding line of products is the patented Snappy Utility Scaffold and also the Power Snappy motorized scaffolding.   The staging side of Granite features the Signature steel stage platform and which provides numerous advantages compared to other steel stage manufacturers.  Bleachers have expanded from simple 4 row designs to stadium bleachers and the one of a king Fold-N-Tow Portable Bleacher System.  The material handling division of Granite features two distinct and growing lines: American Cart and Rack which feature our manual carts and Overland Power Carts which feature our powered line of products.

American Cart & Rack: Heavy Duty Comes Standard
In the early stages of Granite Industries, Steve noticed a demand in the rental industry for improved material handling products.  The carts and dollies used by the rental companies were not able to stand up to the rigors of day to day use.  American Cart was born with a commitment to making the best hand truck money can buy.   Designed and manufactured in the USA, the carts feature excellent built quality and attention to detail.  Each year we hear from our customers about ways to improve our carts or ideas to introduce new carts that would solve material handling problems.  This type of dialogue with our customers lead to the racking division which really took off in 2017.  At that time there was a tweak in the brand name to encompass both the carts and racking side of the the brand.  The new brand name is   American Cart & Rack.  The racking side now includes everything from warehouse storage to tent stake storage.  We go by the motto, heavy duty comes standard because we feel that every cart we make is built rock solid.

Overland Power Carts: Reinventing the Wheelbarrow
Continuing in material handling, Granite received requests for increased moving capacity. Overland Power Carts was developed to fill this request in 2008. Each Overland Power Cart is built around an all-electric powertrain and a robust recharagable battery pack. The electric carts are capable of moving 750 lbs in a 10 cu. ft. Brentwood hopper. Now in its third generation, Overland Power Carts have been continually adapted to improve reliability and user experience.  The brand has gone from one cart style to now a full line of carts with everything from power wheelbarrows to power hand trucks.  Overland Power Carts fit the old mold of other Granite products with a high attention to detail and durability. 

Family Values
Granite Industries is truly a family owned business.  From its start in 1997, Granite Industries has been led by the Wyse family and a Christian tradition of treating employees with respect and equality.  Many employees at Granite Industries have been with Granite since 1997.  They appreciate the family approach incorporated by Steve Wyse and now acting president, Matt Wyse.  As new employees arrive, many of them are surprised to see how much Granite Industries is different from other places they have worked.  There is a true appreciation for the work they do by the owners.

Commitment to Excellence
Each and every product that comes through the production line at Granite Industries made with care and pride by local employees.  Granite Industries engineers, manufactures and ships almost every product we sell. Our goal is to provide excellent, high quality products backed by a knowledgeable and experienced customer service staff. In everything we do at Granite, our goal is to provide excellent, high quality products at a great price with superior customer service, honesty and integrity.



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Granite Industries was founded in 1997 in Archbold, Ohio.  We've quickly grown to be a leader in scaffolding, staging, bleachers and material handling products.

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