The Rental Show is a highlight every year for Granite Industries.  As lifelong members of the American Rental Association (ARA), Granite has participated in The Rental Show every year..  This year is a special year for Granite as it turns 20 years old as a company.  The 2017 show will feature exclusive giveaways, exclusive deals and some of the best rental products available!  All available in the special events section at booth: 3936.

Granite Industries: 1997-2017
Granite Industries Inc. was founded in 1997 by Steve Wyse.  Steve has propelled Granite to the top of the scaffold industry with 43 years of scaffolding experience.  While the headquarters are in Ohio, there are numerous warehouses around the country. Granite has continued to grow and has become a leader in staging, bleachers, carts and fencing products.  Granite Industries has two primary brands under its company umbrella; American Cart and Overland.  American Cart is a Granite division that manufactures heavy duty hand trucks and specialty carts.  Designed from the ground up to provide innovative solutions to common material handling problems.  Overland Carts is a Granite division that manufactures electric powered carts and wheelbarrows.  These unique carts have grown exponentially in popularity and are an ever evolving product line.

The Rental Show Celebration

$1020.00 Cash Giveaway
Granite is committed to celebrating their 20th year anniversary in style.  On Monday and Tuesday of the 2017 Rental Show, Granite will be giving customers $20 cash for the first 20 orders of each day (over $250.00).  This is as simple as it sounds, be one of the first 20 people to place an order over $250 and walk away with $20.00 cash in your pocket.  As an added bonus, any order over $250.00 placed on Monday and BEFORE 2:00 PM on Tuesday will be entered for a $220.00 cash giveaway at 2:20 PM on Tuesday (February 28th).  The customer must be present to win.

20th Anniversary Aluminum Water Bottle Giveaway
The Rental show is a MASSIVE show and there is plenty of walking for attendees.  Water can be an expensive but necessary commodity.  Fortunately, Granite thought of that, and has a limited edition giveaway for the first 150 customers at The Rental Show.  The Granite Aluminum Water Bottle provides 26 ounces of thirst quenching technology (water not provided).  The water bottle features a white powder coat design and a metal carabiner clip so you can stylishly have a water bottle attached to your belt loop!

Exclusive Discounts

Along with giveaways, Granite is providing exceptional pricing on many of its most popular products.

1. Power Snappy
The Power Snappy Motorized Scaffold was introduced in 2006 as an industry first.  Never before had there been an option for contractors that fell between the manual utility scaffold and a high dollar lift.  The Power Snappy features two electric hub drive wheels powered by a rechargeable battery pack.  The standard Power Snappy M is adjustable up to five feet and has built in guardrails.  Portability further separates this unit from the crowd.  The unit can easily be loaded into the bed of a pickup truck by two people.  The battery pack can also be removed for an even lighter load.  The Power Snappy has increased in popularity since its introduction and are down sold, literally, by the dozen.  Rental companies and contractors across America are snatching them up faster than they can be produced.


2.  BlackTop Aluminum/Plywood Walkboard
Granite is looking to change the game in the walkboard market.  NEW this year at The Rental Show will be the BlackTop Marine Walkboard.  A black resin covers the top, sides, and bottom of the walkboard, protecting it from decay and corrosion.  This coating provides a durable and lasting finish to extend the life of the walkboard. The blacktop finish also features a slip resistant finish for improved safety.   The plywood is placed on the heavy duty and proven design of the Granite Aluminum Workhorse frame.  These two components come together to create a walkboard unlike anything currently on the market.  The show only price for the walkboard is unbelievable.

3.  Hand Trucks/Specialty Carts
Every year customers come to the Granite Industries booth with testimonials about how satisfied they are with their current American Cart hand trucks.  They praise the build quality, innovative features and high capacities.  American Cart continues to push the envelope when it comes to designs and features.  E-straps compatibility is built into almost every cart, 3/4″ axles lead the industry, and angled handles provide the best ergonomic grip in the market.  There will be exclusive show specials on every cart at the show including our top selling Multi Mover hand truck

4.  Stage Packages
Granite has recognized a continuing desire from customers for simpler staging options.  Last year Granite introduced staging packages that featured our most popular configurations of stages.  This concept provided a simple comparison across the different styles and sizes of stages.  Granite is doubling down this year by taking more time to rework the packages: saving customers money and improving the clarity of the packages.  The most popular stage continues to be the Signature Steel Platform with painted plywood.  The AXIS Aluminum Platform continues to grow in popularity and is a great lightweight option.  Granite’s 4′ x 8′ AXIS Aluminum Stage is popular among rental companies due to its fast setup time and professional finish.

5.  Overland Easy Wagon
Overland has grown steadily in popularity since its introduction in 2008.  Known for improving productivity and for excellent build quality, Overland Powered Carts are a market leader.  All carts feature an electric drive system that is capable of moving up to 750 pounds.  NEW for the ARA Show is the Easy Wagon.  This unique cart was developed as a alternative for moving heaving or awkward loads across rough terrain.  It is simple to operate and powerful for the most demanding jobs.  The battery pack has a rated real world capacity of 6-8 hours.  The sides are removable making a versatile platform for many applications.

Granite Industries will be at booth 3936 in the special event section of The Rental Show.  Stop by to celebrate Granite Industries 20 years of manufacturing excellence!

Show: The Rental Show
Association: American Rental Association (ARA)
Dates: February 27st – March 1st
Location: Orlando, FL
Booth Number: 3936
Granite Representatives: Chad Kern, Matt Wyse & Steve Wyse
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