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Snappy Utility Scaffold


Snappy Utility Scaffold



This interior utlity scaffolding unit is the strongest, most durable
multipurpose towers on the market. Guaranteed!

  • Available in 6', 8' and 10' units
  • 29" wide frames with 2" platform adjustment
  • Platform deck is 29" Wide x 8'' Long
  • One of the easiest units in the industry to use
  • Rolls through a standard doorway
  • Can stack units for increased work heights
  • Use on level surfaces or stair
  • Heavy duty 5/8" plywood deck with steel edge banding
  • 2 pieces make a complete guard rail system, including the toe board
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Meets or Exceeds Requirements of American National Standards Institute ANSI CODE A 10.8
  • Meets or Exceeds OSHA Requirements
  • Patent Noumbers: 6,471,003 & 6,761,247
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 1000 lb Distributed

6’ Snappy Unit.
Platform Height 27” - 6’
Unit Weight 235 lbs.

6’ Snappy Unit with Guardrail.
Unit Weight 235 lbs.

Guardrail only.
Unit Weight 90 lbs.

6’ Snappy Double Unit with Guardrail & Outriggers.
Platform Height 27” - 12’
Unit Weight 386 lbs.

Snappy Scaffold on Stairs
Legs are independently adjustable, allowing
you to have a stable work surface on uneven
ground or on stairways.

Product Sheet
Assembly Instructions

Snappy Walkboard
Steel edge banding protects all four sides of the exterior-grade plywood work platform without using rivets, screws or staples. Hand holds on each side provide ease in handling. Platform is held in place with spring-loaded retaining clips.

Snappy G Pin
User friendly squeeze-lock is spring loaded to maintain the locked position at all times except when released for adjustment. A locking G-Pin is provided to prevent unintentional release. Additional snap pin is provided as a dual locked scaffold system.

Snappy Caster
5” swivel casters with dual brakes that prevent both rolling and swiveling when brake lever is depressed. Caster includes a 2” snap pin to attach the caster to the scaffold.

Snappy Outrigger
Use 4 outriggers on Snappy Scaffolds above 6’ high. Outrigger includes 2 snap pins and 1 thumb screw. Casters and base plates sold separately.